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  1. W

    Can yeast slurry be stored for later use?

    I have a fun tasting dark cherry wine that is about a week from being racked to a carboy leaving that wonderful lees behind for making skeeter Pee. Thing is I have a lot going on that weekend. I wondered if anyone has had success putting that slurry into a container and keeping it in a...
  2. W

    Skeeter Pee stopped fermenting at 1.006

    Hi all, I have a batch of Skeeter Pee that I tried to follow the instructions on the website. I'm worried I racked to the carboy to ferment to dry a little too early. In the fifth paragraph of the recipe (see attachment for recipe, which I copied and converted to pdf), it says...
  3. W

    Skeeter Pee from mead?

    Hi everyone. I had a plan to start a batch of blackberry wine and then use the lees from the primary in a batch of skeeter Pee. However, I currently have a batch of mead in my fermenter and would be throwing away the lees after racking this weekend. Would that work the same as a blackberry...
  4. N


    So how many people let there Skeeter Pee Clear naturally and how many add Finings...and I guess I should ask how many just drink it cloudy (my wife even started on our first ever batch wile it was still finishing fermenting :-) If you let it clear naturally about how long does it take? If you...
  5. BurblyBear

    Skeeter's Ready!

    The Skeeter's ready! Cant wait to share this one. Excuse my scattered bottling scheme =) 12.5 abv, final gravity 1.013 Very smooth, sweet lemonade flavor that easily masks the abv
  6. newbiegj

    Skeeter Pee Ice Cream

    Just finished making Skeeter Pee Ice Cream! Yum. Took 1 bottle of SP & reduced it to 150 grams, took about 40 minutes on a slow simmer. Let it cool & then added to my favorite vanilla ice cream recipe. Delicious, light lemony flavor.
  7. Ryan S

    Pasteurize SP instead of using stabilizers

    Hi! I have 5 gallons in secondary, tastes awesome so far. I made it at work with my coworkers, was a lot of fun. I've read a couple people complaining about the taste of k-meta and k-sorbate that the original SP recipe calls for, and I happened upon this thread...
  8. Allie Geiger

    Backsweetening SP with Country Time lemonade powder?

    I have a batch of skeeter pee that I started last week. It has fermented wonderfully and is sitting at 1.001 now. Should be done fermenting by the weekend. I was thinking the Country Time lemonade powder would just give my Skeeter Pee that little lemonade boost. Has anyone done it? How much did...
  9. Allie Geiger

    I just have to ask, Why is it called Skeeter Pee?

    I mean, couldn't it be called something a bit more appetizing? Lol What do you call yours when offering it to friends?
  10. Rifleman

    Fermenting "Simply Lemonade" brand product

    Has anyone had success fermenting the "Simply Lemonade" brand product into wine, Skeeter Pee, etc.? It is currently on sale at the local Kroger store and does not appear to contain anything that might hinder the process. I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I was not able to...
  11. dangerdave

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    DangerDave’s Dragon Blood Wine My name is David C. Land (dangerdave). I am a firefighter from southern Ohio who started making wine in August 2011. Like most of you, I began slowly, but was soon bitten by the wine bug and started making many kits in my spare time. After gaining this valuable...
  12. R

    Skeeter Pee flavors

    I just finished bottling my first batch of pee. My wife and I both really like the taste. My batch was made with a starter and by following Lon's recipe...thanks Lon! I see that different flavors of pee can be made by using a slurry to start fermentation. So, on to my question.... Rather...