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Hey, I'm a bit new on this forum-thanks for all the help i've garnered from reading all ya'lls posts.
I've only bottled or racked about six carboys, and i suck at siphoning (pun?).
How do ya'll get the most out of it? And also, how do you start the suction?

Anything has got to better than what i do now. which is sucking on it to get it started(with an alcohol sterilized mouth, which isn't the worst excuse for drinking hard liquor).
Get an auto siphon. They work great and are super easy to use. Put in the must and pump the racking cane a time or two and they start. Just get the right size tubing with it. The 3/8 auto siphon uses a 5/16 ID hose to prevent leaks.

Check it out here
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I am in !!!

Third vote for getting the autosiphon.

Autosiphon it is

How can I question such enthusiasm?

Just yesterday, my wife and I watched a demonstration of an autosiphon on youtube and it looked pretty cool.

Thanks for all your input.:)
I know this is an old post, but I just used my new autosiphon for the first time, and I'm already trying to remember how I used to do it! Greatest wine making invention since the carboy.
I like to use a nylon hose barb adaptor. Available in the plumbing department at Lowes or Home Depot for a few bucks. The ID of the threaded end of the adaptor is the same size as the OD of the racking cane or tubing (if the ID of the threaded end is too small, simply whittle it out a bit with a pocket knife so the racking cane can fit snugly). Just sanitize it, attach it to the racking cane and suck through the barb end. Remove it before the wine hits it and rack as normal. Works great, cheap, and less stuff to sanitize.


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