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Feb 5, 2010
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this is probably a strange or:ot: question but could u make a wine/mead from mushrooms???:a1
We use them for cooking. See the recipe section, and no we don't know about making wine from weed either, please dont ask. Wrong forum. This is a family site!! We can probably come up with a recipe for just about everything else though.

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NO NO NO! not psilocybin mushrooms just regular mushrooms like shittake u kno regular mushrooms and then u can use that wine as cooking wine. i dont need advice on the latter i already kno it all hehe:D
:u:u:u:uLOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:u:u:u:u

Mushroom Wine

What? A mushroom wine. Brilliant clear yellow. It tastes almost like a conventional white wine made from grapes.
How? Cook & liquidise 1 kg of normal edible mushrooms until they are rendered down to a blackish slimy mass. Put it in the demijohn, add water & follow the basic recipe.
Why? After finding some people unexpectedly liked the chocolate wine, I was determined to make a really outrageous wine. Mushrooms were selling very cheap in the local market so I made a mushroom wine expecting it to be foul black in colour and musty tasting. I was surprised when it came out a clear elegant yellow and not very bad flavoured. I've even had a friend who did not notice this wine was not a normal white grape wine until told.

Tell us the link to that website, we love to talk and hear about strange wines...for real.
Don't get me wrong, I could care less about pot, we can have an ounce here. We just gotta keep things "right" in here this is a public forum. I have never smoked it.(yeah right, read some of my posts) LOL

We don't talk about it in here, or distilling. Wrong forum again.
i understand no hard feelings:D i found a wine recipe for the wacky tabaky 2 hehe but enough about that what did u think about the mushroom wine recipe in that link? and a question for mike, was it "impossibly" hard or just difficult to achieve?
I will not tell you what I did. If you want to good luck, It is possible. I will leave it at that. Be very carefull, you can make something that can KILL you
Ryan. let it go. I already pointed out this is a family forum. Please help us keep it that way. We have PM and emails for things we wont tell you.

I too have things on the shelf I wont tel you about.
alright alright sorry troy thanx for the advice mike. end of subject everyone:gn
i was reading a while back about a herbal beer made in Holland. Yikes.
This thread has inspired me. I think I'm gonna try a shitaki wine as I can get dried shitaki's here pretty easy and reasonably priced. It may only end up being a cooking wine if it doesn't taste that good. If I could somehow get sesame flavor in there too...hmmm
Dried porcini mushrooms give a wonderful flavor. We use them in mushroom risotto. You may try and find some of these too.
Hibiscus!, thanks John, I'd forgotten about that, I made a gallon many years ago and it was rather pleasant, now all I gotta do is find some dried flowers from the herbalist's:h

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