Should I worry about the foam layer during the primary

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Oct 26, 2008
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Have a 5 gallon batch of my mango from concentrate, used the same recipe as always with the exception that I didn't add pectin enzyme in the begining, other than that I did exactly the same recipe using Lalvin K1-1116, it took about 48 hours for fermentation to become visible and now it's cooking like crazy. I have considerable foam ontop of the primary bucket like 3" or so. i am not concerned too much, it still has the nasty wine smell I have come to appreciate:) I am assuming you'll tell me to leave it on there through the primary even though instinct tells me to skim it off. I am only asking again because of the 11 batches of wine I have made I never had this much foam, I hope it's a good thing.
don't worry about the foam Troy.. It'll calm down and go away on its own
Dont you dare touch it with the exception of giving it a good stir!
As long as it all stays inside the bucket your a good to go. If it really bothers you make up another batch and take a sanitized spoon and scoop some off the top and throw it in the other batch. It will be fermenting the same tomorrow.
Thats just the yeasties doing what they do best.They just love eating the sugars so YOU can have wine. Ain't that nice of them? :r
I'd rather not touch it! I was only asking because I have never seen that much foam, i was more wondering than I was worrying. Thanks for the reassurance. It's in a bucket and barely covered, I COULD stir it because I was thinking the foam may dry up, still gonna be a few days before it goes to the secondary. If you all say it's working fine, I know better than to try and fix it. What do you think?

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Just let it go. Nothing wrong with the foam.

Thank yourself that you made the wine in a bucket and not directly in a primary otherwise this might have happened:


Wait till the vigorous fermentation is over and then transfer to secondary.

Yeah vigurous fermentation is an understatement, it's going quite well. As I said earlier, this is an exact duplicate of a recipe I have made several times and it has always had a great strong fermentation, especially since I started using the LALVIN, I have just never had that much foam before and was mostly wondering why this time, nothing has changed.

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