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Dec 28, 2009
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My Skeeter Pee after 15 days will only drop to a sg reading of 1.00 started at 1.062 is it time to move on and add remaining chems.
please provide more info so we can help.

did U use a slurry ?
what yeast?
what was the temp of the must throughout the ferment?
how long has it been at 1.000?
what was the SG when you moved it to a secondary?
the sg was 1.00 at transfer and it has been in the the carboy for 4 days, yes I did use a slurry, however I tried first without it, after 3 or 4 days I added it. The yeast was Lalvin
the temp has been has been at 72f and it has been stuck at 1.00 for about 7 to 8 days
What do you use for bottles for your skeeter?
which Lalvin?
think if you warm it up and give it a good stir you will see it go further.
my notes have that mine all went to .990-.993 fwiw
I normal put it in 1/2 gal jugs with the plastic caps as when I serve it.... it goes too fast for 750 wine bottles and corks. I started collecting beer bottles to use when I get enough to make it more friendly to take it somewhere when it's just for me.
Thanks IQ
I do not have a record on the yeast, will it hurt to bottle
I try to keep the temp at 78 - 80 degrees for the primary and secondary.. seems to really help.
wont hurt a thing to bottle. just be sure to add the Kmeta and sorbate if you think it's done. It will just be less ABV. I also am at 1.07 for Starting Gravity.
Here's a link to the recipe I use... however I always use a vigorous starter not the slurry. but that's just me. and I wait about 30 days for it to clear on it own... hardly ever used a fining agent.
Good to have you here..
It's great fun.

we answer all questions... except the tough ones.:slp
Do you add the 6 cups of suger at the end? seems to me it would take out the tartness that I enjoy in Lemon aid
yes I added six but U might try 5 and taste once or twice.
see what U like.
it stays pretty tart for me even after the sugar. I rack it to a 6 gal carboy so I can hit it with the drill mix-stir. then rack to smaller jugs after I get it stirred well.

warning -- I have taken this to reunions etc and I never bring enough :ib
Hint -- >> look for the Realemon at Sam's
they have 2-48 oz bottles for under $5

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