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Dec 30, 2016
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My understanding is that this kit only makes 15 750ml bottles and it is known to be extremely sweet. Has anyone else here made this kit and done any variations to it? I'm wondering what I might be able to do to reduce the sweetness just a bit but the only thing I can think to do based on reading other posts here is add part of the f-pack during primary but I might raise the alcohol content higher in doing so since there will be even more sugar. Would there be a better yeast to try than the EC-1118 that these WineXpert kits usually include?

My hope is to get closer to semi-sweet or less than pure sugar rush and maintain a very smooth finish. Also, I was thinking about getting 2 of these kits so I can have 6 gallons finished in the end, has anyone ever doubled a smaller kit to make one batch or would it be better to do two separate batches and blend?
the intent of a dessert wine is to have some wine with a dessert. to do so the wine must be sweeter than the dessert. in your case you are trying to dumb down what is actually a very special wine. it is like taking the purse to make the sow's ear. I would not waste any further funds on purchasing any more wine. If possible I would return what you have purchased and spend it on an actual wine with the preference you desire.
I would say an icewine is supposed to be higher on the residual sugar list. The sweetness balances with the higher alcohol content of these wines and makes a nice balance. If you reduce the sweetness you may run the risk of having a "hot" tasting wine with too much alcoholic bite.

However, others on here have added the flavor pack 1/2 up front and save the remainder for end flavoring. This will reduce the sweetness and for a kit, should be just fine.

I try to always double the 3 gallon batches. One batch doesn't quite fill up a 3 gallon carboy after a racking, and I am left with either topping up (which I have to do anyway with port/brandy/everclear) or putting on a headspace eliminator.

Good luck
I made that kit like over 3 years ago and still have about 12 .375ml bottles.
It is very sweet, think about it like drinking honey.
Maybe good for very small sips.
I made this kit nearly 5 years ago. I still have a few left. I would definitely add half the f-pack up front if I were to make it again. That would be more of a Sauternes style wine. Very thick as it stands now.

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