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Sep 14, 2009
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I have 200#'s of Tempranillo grapes in primary right now. I was reading the most recent Winemaker magazine and there is some info on how to do a second fermentation using the pomace from a first run. Has anyone had success with that? I searched the forum and saw one mention of it by Wade, but nothing else. I am contemplating backing off on pressing every last drop out of the Tempranillo and giving it a try. Will the second run look more like a blush or be drinkable sooner?
Also it is not clear how long I leave the liquid on the skins. Do I mix and press imediately or ferment on the skins and press at 0?
Ive made a few second runs and they came out pretty decent. I dont try and push the abv way up on these beause they wont hav a super huge flavor like the first run so I keep the brix at around 23-24 and let it ferment dry in the bucket with the skins to try and extract everythin g there is left in there. It wont be the 1st prize winner but will make a decent table wine and pressing till dry on it during the first run will only extract to many tannins anyway.