Pinot Noir kit on Marquette Skins

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Feb 5, 2020
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I mentioned this in another thread but thought I would update. I only harvested 60 lbs of 2022 Marquette and due to my inability to stand on both hind legs, I froze the whole clusters. In April 2023 I fermented the frozen clusters and hand pressed the pomace. Since Marquette is descended from Pinot Noir, I made a second run using a cheap Pinot Noir kit. I netted five gallons of the kit. After six months bulk aging, I deem the experiment a success and I’m considering bottling the PN kit.

The whole cluster Marquette is light on tannins and has a bit of vegetative finish. I added some finishing tannins to the Marquette and we’ll see where it goes.

I’m a little sorry I didn’t repeat the kit PN on the Marquette skins this year. Hopefully there will be another opportunity next year!

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