Score!!! Loads of free grapefruits.

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Leanne, Allie just posted a nice grapefruit wine recipe. I know she'll respond. Somehow I knew when I seen the post, Allie would be the one to give you your recipe.

be careful about the pith ( thats the skin white skin).after you peel them. Juice makes wine, not the pith and skin.

Allie has a great recipe for Grapefruit wine, can't wait for you to hear back from her.

Thank you.
I have made grapefruit wine before but it was rather ordinary. These are really good fruit so I'd like get the best out of them.
Thank you so much dear Allie. I knew you would have a good recipe. You are an absolute sweetie.
Allie is not ordinary. And i never expected her to give nothing less than an extra-ordinary recipe ! LOL

Of course I am saying that because I want a friend to meet me in NZ. BUT!! Somehow I know I am going to get myself in trouble. Not sure now, but sure I wil be beat sily with a rhubarb frond.

Sometimes I don't know why I try! ROTFLMFAO.


you're welcome Leanne..

( I feel like the favourite aunt!!)


Leanne I sent you a private message, do you know how to find/retrieve them?
If you want to backsweeten with this recipe, make a syrup and keep it bottled in your preserves cupbd for later use..

6 lemons or grapefruit ( zest and juice) these are big homegrown lemons.
6 cups sugar and 6 cups water
1 tablespoon citric acid

place peel sugar and water in pan bring to boil, stir occasionally. add citric acid and allow to cool, when cool add juice of lemons, freeze leftovers.. or if you want to bottle it.. add lemon juice to hot syrup and seal in warmed jars. ( treat as bottling jams).

Allie, i can't wait to try the orange wine again. i really thought i had something going. It is important that anyone wanting to try wine with oranges, Gfruit, lemons, etc., know you MUST remove the thin white skin left behind after peeling.

The orange I FAILED was due directly from this "skin" be left on.

A day or so ago, someone brought up a lime wine request. Sounds just great to me. Even lemon wine would be great, but as you all know in Alaska it would cost me like 30 dollars to make agallon, probably more.

Glad to have others who have the availability of fruit. I don't have to make it myself, but I can sure be excited for you and follow your success.

Looking forward to seeing how Leannes Gfruit works out.

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