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Jul 19, 2009
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I'm looking forward to interacting with you folks. My wine experience is limited. I have been making kit wines (eight of them) since July 09. I also have one frozen juice nebbiolo still in the carboy from Sept. I have been dedicating my spare time, (and down time at work), to reading and learning as much about wine as my fragile egg-shell mind will allow. Hope to learn much, maybe even help a little. ciao for now

ask and ye shall question is bad....lots of helpful people here..
your from Lucille Ball country...what else have you made...where are you headed w your winemaking
Lucy and such

Yes, Lucy is big buisness in j-town. I live about a half mile from the house she was born and raised in just outside the city limits. As stated, I have been making kit wines (usually of the premium variety), and one frozen juice that is still months away from the bottle. I love the heavy complex reds, mainly of Italian descent, and the German off-dry whites (straws?). More and more however I am feeling the gravitational pull towards frozen juices, and musts.
Hoping it will all lead to fresh grapes. I have alot of learning to do between now and then. Doug
Hey Mailman until Al mentioned Lucy I didn't take notice where you were from. I belong to the Lakewood Rod and Gun club up there on the Lake Chautauqua. Have you checked out Walkers in Dunkirk. Great place to buy juice for making wine. The rhubarb is awesome. :try

My mother and father are members of the Lakewood rod and gun. They have a mean fish fry. As far as Presque isle goes, I actually have been there. While I was there I purchased a few cases of bottles, because there is no place around my fair city to buy them, and man are they expensive to ship. Luckily I have a local Italian produce market and deli about a half mile from my house where the owner gets frozen juice each fall. 6 Gal for about $50.00. The name of the place is Brigottas farmland produce. He (the owner Tom)also has starting getting in palletes of bottles, and carboys (and he chargers me cost). I cant tell you how nice that is!!!
p.s. He gets his supplies from Presque isle.
p.p.s I have been buying my kits and most other equipment from George at the winemakers toy store.
I also get my carboys at Presque Isle as they have the best price I have seen. You have to watch the other prices though. I bought a gallon of Glycerin there only to find out George was 15.00 cheaper and with the corks I bought the shipping would have only been a dollar more. You found a winner with Fine Vine Wines. Next time you go to Northeast check out Heritage wineries for bottles. If you ask sometimes you can get all the cases you want and of the same type of bottle for 2 bucks a case.
Welcome! I moved down from Rochester a little under a year ago! Hope your wine turns out great!
Thanks skiboarder, same to you...logging off now, my wife found something "productive" for me to do
Welcome from teh other side of the border. The ny/pa border that is.

If your'e interested in juice frome Chile, you can still order from Jerilu in Erie(about 50.00 for 6 gallons). It's due to arrive around mid april.
Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Lots of western New Yorkers, and north west P.A. folks making wine.......You know what they say"great minds"....:dg

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