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Aug 12, 2010
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I picked up a wine press that is about 20 years old at a sale. The press is in good condition, but had some rust around the tub where the juice collects and runs off. I sanded off the rust, but it still leaves me with some exposed metal (where as before it was painted over).

Any suggestions as to whether or not this will be an issue for making wine?

Should I repaint? If so, what type of paint would be safe?

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I am no expert - but if you paint it - the only thing i can think of is a no lead paint.

I am not sure that the metal will cause that big of an issue though.

There are some other folks that can provide a better insight to this.
I don't suppose you could replace the collecting tray. Any good paint that could withstand cleaning should be okay. Your juice won't be there long.

Any chance you could use a polyurethane to seal the tray?
I would go to a knowledgeable paint store or big box and tell them what you are doing. They'll guide you in the right direction. Do not sanitze with kmeta after cleaning. Use it just before using the press. It is very corrosive if left on.
check to see if anyone is iron may want the iron :)

just kidding.....

simplest thing is to just wire brush it and sanitize and make the vino :)

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