Rose' from Marquette and Petite Pearl

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Jul 7, 2016
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I'm considering combining my Marquette and Petite Pearl this harvest and making a Rose' with some possibly sparkling. Has anyone done this with these varietals? Any recommendations on yeast and soak times? I was thinking a 12 hour skin contact before pressing.
in my experience 12 hours might be way too much skin contact time. you might want to press with little or no contact time. you can always add skins back if yiu doin't like the color. good luck
I haven’t made rosé from my Marquette yet, but as it’s a teinturier the juice comes out fairly pink/red right at crush so I don’t think I’d want to give it too much if any time on the skins. The pictures I see of Marquette rosés made by commercial wineries always look really dark to me. If it were me I’d press the whole clusters or crush and press right away to limit the color extraction.
I made rose this year using about 150 lbs of Marquette and 20 of itasca crushed and pressed right away ended up with 6 gallons of pretty dark rose. Surprisedly the juice is very tannic, I’m assuming the tannin in the juice doesn’t have any protein to bind with like in the Marquette must and therefore is available

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