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May 25, 2009
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I have a 3 gal batch of Red Raspberry that just finished. I just went out and picked 3 more lbs of Raspberries this morning and want to add the juice and some simple syrup to sweeten it. OG was 1.112 and finished at 1.020, so it already has some residual sugar, but I think I want to finish this one around 7% or 8% RS. I know I've seen this out on the forums before but can't remember when I should do this - after it clears or right now?

Second question is a math question - if I'm at 5% RS right now, how much simple syrup do I need to add to the wine using a 2 to 1 ratio, to get it up to 7%-8% RS for a 3 gal batch? :<
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1st Why so high SG? Fruit wines S/B in the 1.085 range.
2nd Why did it stop @ 1.020? I should finish dry.
3rd Did you stop it? Did you add k=meta, sorbate?
If not I would let it finish dry. Give us more details like recipe and when you started this and what you did so far.
I know, I know, you should let it ferment out dry then sweeten, but I chose to raise the SG instead to leave some RS. OG was 1.112 so that puts me at about 12.5% abv - I'm assuming the yeast has had enough is the reason why it stopped. I wanted to try to make this batch with a finished RS of 7%-8% so I didn't want to have to add all that after fermentation so I upped the OG. I pitched the yeast on 6/28 and used Cote des Blanc.

I still see a few CO2 bubbles coming up the side but it hasn't bubbled once all day. I'm going to let it set for another couple days, but I know if I racked it onto some campden tabs and sorbate it will probably stop it completely and will start clearing. The SG has been at 1.020 since yesterday. I'm not too concerned about an elevated abv. By time I add my 3 lbs of raspberries and simple syrup it will probably drop down to 10%-11%.

I'm just a rook - I'm still learning :D
Sounds like it aint done yet. It may sit there and slightly bubble for weeks. I have had batches ferment for 2 months before totally stopping. I would add Patience times three ha ha.
Sounds like it aint done yet. It may sit there and slightly bubble for weeks. I have had batches ferment for 2 months before totally stopping. I would add Patience times three ha ha.

The airlock hasn't bubbled in 2 days now. Again, I don't have a ton of batches under my belt, but the few I've done I've seen where this happens. The airlock stops bubbling, the SG doesn't budge for a couple of days, I may still see very slight CO2 bubbles coming up to the top, but what I've done when it is like that is rack it off the lees onto campden tablets and sorbate it and it has always cleared.

I'm going to wait another day or two, but I guess the reason for my post was I wanted to know when to add the flavoring and sweeten it - before it clears or afterwards - I appreciate all the other input but I still haven't gotten that answer :h
Sorry C
Most like to wait until it is clear and free of sediment first.
I do the same with the racking ,sorbate and sulfites. It seeems to clear quickly after that. I add sweetener at bottling time. A f-pac may require an additional week or so to clear again before bottling.
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peach wine

Well here in the garden stat of NJ,the blueberries are in full swing,but the focus is on jersey PEACHES AT LEAST 12 GALS THIS season fresh from the vine.anyone else making peach wine from fruit....TOM
Yep I will !
Last year I made it with "free stone" variety. They were soooo easy to pit compared to the others.
I'm gonna look for them soon where Bob M gets all his fruit. Thats also where I been getting all my fruit so far. remember the deals I got?
Hey Tom,
How do you make your f-pac out of blueberries?? I am thinking they are different to process than say strawberry. Any help is always appreciated, sorry about going alittle off topic
Same way as Strawberry.
1st freeze the blueberry
Use 25% of the total weight you used to make the wine.
In a large pot simmer them on low heat. Start to mush them. I add some sugar as it seams to help in extraction. Strain it thru a kitchen strainer leaving the skins behind.
Add to carboy AFTER you Sulfited and Sorbated. Backsweeten to YOUR taste
Add clairifier and rack till clear.

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