Racking, F-pacs & degassing.

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Jun 22, 2009
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I'm going to rack a peach pineapple and add a flavor pack to it one last time. After the first racking all I can see is a fine sediment in the bottom.
I've started thinking, again, after I add the f-pac, I will probably get a little sediment again.
At what point should I degass? If I degas prior to bottling, and there is any sediment at all in the carboy, it would stir it up, right?
But then If I rack it again and let it set before bottling I might be a little short of a full carboy.
At what point do you normally degas?
I degas when I am sure fermentation is done unless I am bulk aging and even then sometimes I do. I will degas, add F Pack and let it sit. WHen it's clear I rack to a bucket and bottle from the bucket.
I degass after the secondary. After I add the k-meta and sorbate I add the f-pac. Yes f-pac will cloud up your wine. Thats why after I degas,and add the f-pac is when I add clearing agents. Back sweeten before bottling if you want.
I degas as soon as the wine has finished fermenting and after sulfiting and stabilizing. Degasing will let your win e clear much easier as the trapped C02 holds the sediment in suspension.
Thanks for the quick replies, I understand the idea of degassing alot better now. Makes sense to do it right after fermenting has stopped.