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May 25, 2009
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Most of my previous 6 batches of wine were made from fruit, however I have decided to try a home-made recipe from bottled cranberry juice and bottled pomegranate juice.

Sunraysia Cranberry Fruit Juice (30% natural juice).
Bickfords Pomegranate Juice (100% juice from concentrate).

Neither juice has perservatives, colours, flavours nor artificial sweetners.

I have yet to decide on the ratio of these 2 juices, I will probably do a taste test on the 2 juices first and then bias the wine towards what I like best.

I will use a red wine yeast (?) and yeast nutrient to packet instructions. Do I need to use pectinase since this is a clear juice product as the base ?

I will add sugar to obtain an SG around 1090.

My other query is in regards to water and acid. I presume the best way to approach the water/juice ratio is to measure the acid content of the combined juices, and then if too acidic, dilute with neutral water, or if not acid enough, don't add any water, just add more juice to get the required fermentation volume and then add acid blend as required ?

I want to make sure I am reasonably close to the mark with the ingredients ! Will post a recipe for your thoughts/comments after I measure the acid.

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Yes you should add Pectic Enzyme.
When making wine you should ALWAYS check the TA. In most cases you will need to add acid blend. If your acid is to high NO NOT dilute with water. Calcium Carbonate is added to reduce the acid
Don't know how I missed this post but I did .So how did it turn out so far Winot ? I would really like to see your recipe probably very helpful to me as the batch I'm going to do is my first batch from scratch .
Hi Winot,

Take a look at this thread, you might get a few ideas from it.

If you can get 100% Pomegranate Juice, I would consider making a batch out of it all by itself. As far as acid levels, etc., sorry, I can't help, because frankly I dont know.

Cranberry can be a "beach" to get going because of the natural Benzoate, but it WILL go.

I, too, am interested in your recipe. Post it if you'd like and we will give you 212 recipes in return!! LOL


Thanks Tom, NSwiner and ArcticsSid,

Finally got around to getting my 7th batch up and running. This time - Pomegranate-Cranberry (juice) wine.

This is the home-figured recipe I concocted for 16 litres of must ....

5.9 litres Bickfords 100% (reconsituted) Pomegranate juice (~A$5/litre).
2.75 litres Sunraysia 30% (reconstituted) Cranberry juice.
6 litres water
9g pectinase
1900g sugar
22.5g acid blend (2:2:1 Tart:Mal:Cit).
4.5g yeast nutrient
No tannin
3 Camden tablets

Total 100% Juice = 5.9 + (0.3 x 2.75) = 6.725 litres
Total Water = 6 + (0.7 * 2.75) = 7.925
So Juice:Water = ~1:1.2

Starting acidity was 0.5, so raised to 0.65 with 22.5g acid blend.

Pomegranate J = 15.8g sugar/100ml (label) = 932.2g sugar in original juice.
Cranberry J = 19.0g sugar/100ml (label) = 522.5g sugar in original juice.
So total original sugar in must (Juice + Water) = (932.2 + 522.5) = 1454.7g.
1454.7g sugar in 15 litres equates to an SG of ~1035.
Actual SG of 15 litres of must (Juice + Water) = 1040.
So added 1900g sugar to bring must to 1085. The sugar added about 1 litre extra volume. I will bulk age in 3 x 5 litre demijohns.

Used Vintners Harvest SN9 (Marketed as - "Very good all round strain for country wines, sweet sparkling wines & ciders, and the best choice for high alcohol and fortified sweet wines). Packet instructions called for 5.12g yeast (for 16 litres of must), but I only had 2.5g of yeast left in the pack, and a long way to drive to get another packet of yeast, so pitched the 2.5g trusting the yeast will get to it fast. This must tooked longer than most of my other musts to start significant fermentation, however today (Day 3), the must took off from 0.6 to 32 blurps/minutes (at 24C). Will try and control the fermetation to around 20-22C from here on.

Am fairly confident with this recipe, although am somewhat uncertain as to whether I should add tannin or not ? I read a couple internet posts of someone who made Pomegranate wine, they said it took 4 years to "mellow" (I presume they meant for the tannins to break down), but that after the 4 years it was one of the best wines they have had, luscious, rich and smooth. I presume they used straight 100% juice. Am hoping with a near 50:50 juice to water ratio and no added tannin, my batch will be good in a year. What are other peoples thoughts on adding tannin to the recipe above ?

Will be a blush wine by the looks.

Tom - your mention of a boiled down pomegranate juice as an fpac (on another thread) sounds like a good idea, if I need to later on !
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