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Jun 27, 2009
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here we go this recipe is adapted from some ive found online any input will be greatly appreciated
1.4kg prunes
600g raisins
1 lt prune juice
1.5kg sugar
campden tab
champagne yeast

wash,chop and freeze prunes and raisins
add to primary with juice and 2l water,pecto,and campden tabs
leave for 2 days and then add 1kg sugar yeast & nutrient
ferment for 5-6? days
strain and transfer to a dj
top up with rest of sugar and water

what do you think im aiming for a port type wine
yes i made something similar to that, one of my first wines. it looks like the ingredients are almost identical. it was somewhat port-like, not as robust though. gl!
im going to leave out the juice and add tinned blackcurrants with their juice instead
prune juice is just an extract made by boiling the prunes in 2 parts water granda.. cheaper to make yourself, they charge like wounded bulls for it in the supermarket.. tinned blackberries would work also..

by the way?.. when you froze the prunes/raisins, had you rehydrated them first?.. it's the water that expands and breaks the cells walls in fresh fruit. So am just curious as to how you handled the dried fruit for this recipe?


Allie :bt
ye i rehydrated and chopped them up them first
started it all tonight and it smells great ill pitch the yeast tomorrow and ill let you know how it goes
be careful, prune wine could be like taking a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time.
heheh once rehydrated Troy.. they're really plums again darl .. ( winks)

( granda don't you dare pander to troys toilet humour!)