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Oct 26, 2008
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I was looking through briefly at the bottles that were given to me. I have two cases of these blue ones. Apparently there is a couple in Homer making wine for commercial sale. The other is like only 375ml, have a few of those, I quess the rest of em(17 cases) are just standard. But, aren't those blue ones cool?

While were on the bottle subject. Is there any advantage to using bottles with a (punt), I think you call them. The indentation in the bottom, some of them have them and some not. Any thoughts?

bottles 001.jpg

bottles 002.jpg

bottles 003.jpg
Those blues one you have are pretty.. I got some that are a darker blue.. Also pretty but harder to fill because I have trouble seeing when its filled... uummmmm, maybe I need better lighting?? lol
Any bottle will work. Only problem is storage. Its hard to find a box tall enough.
I got lucky, have 2 cases in their original box, might save them till fall, if I can fight off the bears I may use them for blueberry which is what was in them originally.
funny you should ask Tom.. I have one going at the moment.. only one week into the infusion process so far.

Would you like the recipe?

funny you should ask Tom.. I have one going at the moment.. only one week into the infusion process so far.

Would you like the recipe?

No thanks,
I make Lemon, Cinnamin, Orange, Lime, and Vanilla from my home made extract.
I was wondering who else makes cellos. Nice to see you do. I been making cellos for almost 2 years now. Hmmmm..... Hic Hic ;)

BTW what are you making?
Maybe some others may want your recipe. hint hint..
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.. I infuse the spirit with the fruit and zests...
Currently have

morello cherry
and lemoncillo liqueurs.

Have enough lime zest tucked away in the freezer to make a lime version of the lemoncillo and was going to do another version when my grapefruit are ready.

Are you using a steam extraction process?

Those are called Cobalt Blue Hock bottles as I jusst bought 3 cases of them a few eeks ago and bottled my Peach Ice wine in them. I havent made the cellos yet n=but will be using my own home made stuff if yall know what I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No I do not have a steam Juicer..
I use the Zest of the lemons soaked in Everclear for months. Then mix w/ simple syrup when bottling
Not even sure what else is in all those cases, there may be some other neat ones, and you're right the blue ones need to be saved for something special.
The liqeur topic is great, we could go on about that. I only made one several years ago. Used high quality brandy sugar and a couple bags of frozen sour cherries. Smashed em up, mixed them all together, put them in a jar and was patient enough to wait a couple months. It was fantastic, haven't made any since, don't know why. Have made homemade Baileys Irish Cream many times, it's cheap and delicious.
Everclear is illegal here. I use a good quality vodka or gin.. Gin works really well with strawberries.

What is everclear?

I have some pretty bottles, Ill take a photo, not sure if Ill use any of them though they look too hard to clean!
I thought distilling your own booze was legal in NZ, why would everclear be illegal there? I can tell you one thing, that stuff makes the natives here crazy, and most of the white guys who drink it too!:D

Distilling is legal here, purchasing alcohol of that strength isn't. I have had trouble purchasing basic grain alcohol of over 40% here.

Auckland is the biggest city in NZ too.

Everclear comes in two strengths as far as I can ascertain. Neither are available to me locally.

So I buy good quality vodka or gin as a replacement.

Or make your own!!!!! :) Making over 200 gallons of wine is illegal here and Ive been guilty of that 1 or 2 times! :)