Presenting our wine tonight at a party

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Green Mountains

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Nov 29, 2009
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We're off tonight to a surprise going away party for a friend who's moving away. We've been charged with bringing a few bottles of wine. We've purchased a few 1.5's of different variatals and have decided to also take our last bottle of our RJS


It also is a 1.5L bottle that we found hiding in the's about two years in the bottle we'll see how it's holding up tonight. We'd bring more of our own but it just isn't ready yet.

Oh wait....perhaps a hard cider? Hmmmmmm.......
I love that label Darren..

you'll have to recycle that label for the next gewurzt...
Are you going to do a blind test with your wine agaist a commercial? I would!May the best wine win.
I love the label and also the wine. I am sure it will be great. Was this a kit, which one. I did a W E limited edition gewurtz that was fantastic and I have a premium Heron Bay one aging that I hope is just as good. I am thinking about buying some of this juice next time.
It was an RJ Spagnols kit.

It was well received. The party was for a retired army Colonel who has been in our town for the past 15 years doing a lot of community and humanitarian work. The party was a couple of dozen of his (and our) best friends so it was great to share something that Laura and I made to such a personal and intimate party.
Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves but I seriuosly don't think I would have given up my last bottle of anything at a party .If it was just & his wife (if he has one) yes I would share it then . i saw Hubby had one of our last 3 bottles of Liefraumilch in the fridge to drink I dtold him no way ,saving it for something special .I do have a couple aging for atleast 6 months btu he knows better then to open them .