Poll: Of the wine you consumed this year, what % did you make?

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Of the wine you consumed this year, what % did you make?

  • 0 - 50%

    Votes: 16 23.9%
  • 50% - 75%

    Votes: 18 26.9%
  • 75% - 90%

    Votes: 7 10.4%
  • 90%-99%

    Votes: 23 34.3%
  • 100%

    Votes: 3 4.5%

  • Total voters
You know, you are only allowed to make 200 gallons a year! How can you get to 50% without a commercial license? :D you just sip way more of Gods nectar. heck spoiled-grapes, i am not one to gossip and spread rumors, but ,, i was told the the red sea is your bulk aging tank, it was from a very good sconce, all about you @sour_grapes .. if i were you i'd get rid of you dog,,, LMFAO
I, too, had to really think about this question. I figure I'm close to the 75% level.

I purchase commercial wine as I like a variety, far beyond, what I can make. I had the Laithwaite subscription for a couple of years and purchased their mystery cases -- which was a set price for a case of wine which was filled with odds-n-ends from their warehouse. The worst wine I got from that was merely good, and I learned a lot about lesser (or unknown) winemaking areas.

But making upwards to 80 gallons per year? I have limited rack space and if I didn't drink the home made, I'd run out of rack space and have to reduce my wine production. Can't have that!!!
10%; Wine is social
the wife and I visit wineries when we travel (maybe a few in Germany next year)
the vinters club visits wineries and trades pours and bottles at meetings
the good stuff gets given to friends
industry mentality is to constantly analyse the competition
My background is lab tests/ ,,club demonstration, ,,, some like a series of temperatures or clarifies or butternut squash (thanksgiving wine) are unique :f
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Of the wine you consumed so far this year, what % did you make?
(b) -50%-75%. I made between 60-70% of the wine our household consumed this year. Since taking up winemaking seriously about two years ago, I've displaced all commercial products from our daily drinking fare with tweaked cheap kit wines with help principally from the Joeswine stream on this forum.
My latest cheap wine tweaks have won all blind match ups against commercial brands up to $18.95 (Cdn).
The store bought wines in 2021 tended to be specialty wines, e.g. champagnes & other bubbly wines, port, and a few exquisite wines (Meursault, Brunello) that I can't match.
I have a few top end kits percolating (untweaked) but they need another six to eight months of aging to test how much better they are. I intend to try fresh juice but I get mixed answers on the quality of the products available to me.
Given that we average a bottle per night, I would say we are approaching 50/50. I still enjoy the Costco wine treasure hunt (I made that up, but it's true), and buy bottles at wineries frequently as I hate paying any tasting fee. But the real key was making white wine and Rose. Now my wife rarely buys commercial white wine anymore, but it has put a serious dent in my 2020 Sauvignon Blanc and the 2021 is a long way from consumption(30 gallons of Riesling still fermenting). On the red wine side, the 2018s are drinking pretty well, and one of the 2019s is really good, and so those are in the rotation too. I am making a solid effort to getting most of my red wine to the 3+ year mark before drinking, but it isn't easy.

One upside to the bottle shortage-I still have 45 gallons of unbottled 2020 that is sitting in bulk(stainless kegs), and thus it not available except in an emergency!
Maybe 25%.

It dawned on me that we have to drink store bought wine. How else do you learn? If the goal is to make a bottle of thirty five dollar Meritage, and all you ever buy is ten dollar Prosecco, you have no yard stick by which to measure your progress.

That means that we'll probably never make hundred dollar bottles at home. Alas.
Last year I consumed probably 30% home made wine. This year if I take it easy hopefully closer to 75% home made wine. I have about 130litres of finished home made grape wine my adega, at the moment. I am also making orange wine, which is ongoing as the oranges dont all come ripe together, and then I have nesperas in march april next year.