peach wine starts fermenting again spontaneously

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Aug 22, 2008
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Ok... I started a peach-banana wine in late July or early August of last year. I basically used the recipe from Jack Keller's site.

I haven't been very happy with the way it has gone. The color isn't quite what I expected and its still pretty sweet even though there is no indication from the airlock that it was doing anything.

I tried to restart the fermentation using yeast energizer and whatever else and nothing worked.
And I know its at least partially fermented.

I'm not saying that I do, but if I knew someone who had a still, I was going to try to save what i could by running it through a coil and make "brandy".

But, just within the last 3 weeks, I started hearing the bubble in the airlock occasionally. So, I looked at it and sure enough its chugging along at a pretty rapid pace now. This wine I started 7 or 8 months ago is now chugging faster than my other 2 carboys, that I started in early February.

Anyone know what gives? I haven't gone back through my records, but I probably added crushed campden tablets at the second racking. Could the SO2 have inhibited the fermentation for months and then gradually dissipated to the point where fermentation started again?

That's all I can think of.
Anyone got any ideas what the deal is...or was?

You should be taking SG readings to determine if fermentation is underway, don't trust a non-bubbling air lock to tell you there is no fermentation underway.

What was the wine's temperature during all that dead time? If it went down drastically, that might have stopped fermentation.

I don't know a thing about making non-grape wines, but the camden tablets added at the second racking raises questions in my mind... maybe that is typical for non-grape wines, I don't know. Was 2 tablets the right dose for the amount of wine? You didn't say how big the batch is; things like batch size will help experienced non-grape wine makers better help you.
Yes, You should take SG measurements to find out if fermentation is done or not. I would also raise the question why campden at that time. I will use campden just before bottling.
Im betting the temps were down in the low 60's or even high 50's and now thats its getting warm out the temp is up and shes going again.
Im betting the temps were down in the low 60's or even high 50's and now thats its getting warm out the temp is up and shes going again.
I'll second that remark..

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