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Feb 21, 2009
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OK I might rethink every doing this again. I decided to try making wine from tea. Passionfruit by taza to be exact. It's been in the primary for over 10 days and activity is slow but steady. I'm going to move it to the secondary today or tomorrow because I will eb out of town for a week.

I was wondering if anyone has tried making wine from tea. I did fish out the teabags a few days ago to avoid bacteria growing on the exposed part.

It's a blush color, way lighter than the tea when I brew it.

I'll post the recipe up later. Currently I'm at work and I don't have my notebook handy.
I'd be interested in how it turns out WildSeedGrrl,

was given a box of loose tea at's hibiscus, candied mango, candied pineapple, grapes and sunflower petals.. I only drink english breakfast so was thinking of turning it into wine as well hehehhe

great minds think alike huh?

A lady that moderates on another forum with me made a Ginger Tea wine once that I tried at an annual gathering the forum owner holds. It was still young and needed some back sweetening but after we basically poured a little table sugar in the glass and re-sampled, it wasn't bad at all. It can be done.
I made it once from vanilla tea. It came out rather well.

I opened the teabags and poured the contents into the water. Let it ferment and after a few days filtered all the solids out with a nylon stocking.

If the tea has any parts of 'black tea' in it that is good, as they will bring tannin to the wine which gives it the extra 'byte'.

The only thing you will have to look after is, if acidity is at a decent level, and that you add nutrients.
A lack of both might hinder fermentation.

I'm going to chance it and let it sit for one more week in the primary since the primary fermentation is so slow. It had a low acid so I added a bit of acid blend and it was a little tart when I tasted it so I'm not so worried about tannin.
When you get a moment, can you post your recipe and process please?

i wish I had taken a picture of it last night but I'll remember to do so today. So I chanced letting the passionfruit tea wine sit for another week since it was fermenting so slowly. I just got back into town yesterday and peeked (it was the first thing I did after dropping my luggage) at it. It was clear and a the color had changed back to what I had expected the tea to look like before, a beautiful deep rose color. It smelled fine, so the plan is to rack it into a gallon carboy and wait it out.


4 tazo passionfruit teabags (remove the metal staple, tie the bag closed with the string).
2lbs honey
2 cups sugar
montrachet yeast
yeast nutrient
yeast energizer (added after a week)
1tsp acid blend
no tannin
1 campden tablet
OG was 1.100
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This was fabulous early

So I moved cross country last fall but before I could do that i had to breakdown my whole living situation, which included all of my wine and beer. I threw a big going-away party and basically had all the wine that was drinkable set out for folks to try.

This wine wasn't done yet but it tasted great! Strong and sweet. It was suggested that it would be good over ice or as a mix with fruit or fruit juice. I'm going to make this one again.