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Sep 20, 2016
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Hi everyone,
My friend is getting married next week to her love of life. I'm so happy for her and I'm really very thrilled to go for her marriage. I thought of gifting her with a wine bottle as she loves wine. After our class hours we always used to go to drink wine. So I thought this would be perfect gift for her. My mom makes wine so I bought a good wine bottle and the final part is I needed a good packaging for it. I searched online for best packing service so that they pack in a very beautiful manner and found this . I don't have any idea about this service just found out. Need suggestions whether this would be good option or there are any other?
Think I would head back to the wine store and see if they have any kind of bottle bags. The packing you are looking at looks like it is more for marketing. Think maybe someplace like hobbylobby or maybe even Walmart might have gift packaging for wine bottles. Personally I would probably just find a wine bag for it, maybe wrap it in some foil paper with a bow on top. Course this is looking at it from a guys point of view. Arne.