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Dec 27, 2011
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Saratoga Springs
I only occasionally make kit wines and a couple of weeks ago I bought an inexpensive medium-bodied Pinot Noir kit from ABC Crafted Series located in Ontario. This was to make a nominal six gallon batch. I intended to add water to make a five gallon batch and after thoroughly mixing, I measured the gravity. It should have been over 1.090 was only 1.040. I emailed them with what I found and while they could not find any problem with the batch, they sent me a Gamay wine kit in replacement and followed up to check on whether the replacement package was delivered. I know that this is not viewed as a top end kit (the price certainly does not reflect a high-end kit), but their service is exceptional. And given Joe's pointers covering how to tweak lower-end wine kits I am very hopeful that this will be a very drinkable wine. I just wanted to attest, here, to the quality of ABC's customer service. In my view, it is very exceptional.
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