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Jan 29, 2007
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I made a chardonnay from grapes and i tryed without any additives. The wine was good (taste and color).Before bottleing I filtered the wine .After couple of hours my wine started to turn brown color. So I had to bottle to prevent oxidation.I know I made a mistake.Can I still somehow reverse the oxidation, and if yes HOW?? THANKS!!!!
I never had any experience with this problem myself.
But I have some information about this read on other forums.

The solution might be to add some sulphite.
Sulphite prevents oxidation and even withdraws oxygen from other
ingredients in the wine so the color might return.

If it does not help bringing back the color, it will certainly protect
your wine, so use suphite anyhow.

If its in the bottle now there is nothing that can be done without dumping back into carboy. If it really disturbs you dump it back in after purgeing carboy with co2 or argon to help prevent any further damage, sulfite to proper level, and use a fining agent called Polyclar pvpp. Heres a clip from a published study

"Polyclar wine stabilisers (polyvinylpolypyrrolidone or PVPP) can be used to treat wines on a preventative or remedial basis against adverse effects attributable to polyphenol oxidation and polymerisation. PVPP will adsorb polyphenols, including those responsible for 'browning' and 'pinking' reactions in wine and then be removed by racking or via filtration. In this study, significant reductions in total polyphenol and tannin contents of Chardonnay and Xarel-lo wines were observed over a range of PVPP addition rates. Treatment also improved the colour of both wines. The use of PVPP in the winery as an ongoing preventative measure or as a remedial treatment is discussed to highlight its benefits in wine production"
Thanks LUC and Dark Star for quick answer.I will test and I will post the results.Thanks a lot!!!!!!:)

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