Overflow of carboy at secondary fermentation

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Aug 13, 2007
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This is my first post on this site although I have been reading many posts that have helped me in the past I now have an issue I would like some suggestions on. I am working from an International Selection Kit for Spanish Rioja and as I was siphoning from my primary fermentor into my carboy for secondary fermentation the carboy overflowed. Now I figure either I started off with more than the 6 gallons OR I siphoned too much of the sediment into the secondary. At this point the instructions state that there should be space at the top of the carboy ("required for stirring and additions during stabilizing") but I only have about an inch under the bung.

Should I siphon some liquid out to allow for that space that is supposed to be there?
Do I just leave it alone until stabilizing and clearing?
Will this have an effect on the outcome of my wine?

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

Don't worry about it. Just install an air lock and you're in good shape. I can't imagine what additions you would be making at this point anyway. Once the wine has settled you'll rack off the sediment and that will give you additional head space which will have to be taken care of either by raising the level in the carboy with water, wine or steralized marbles.
Excellent advice Muscadine.

If foam gets into your airlock just take it off and rinse it and keep going. all will be well and you won't have to top off your jug!

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