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Tony (Twisted Vine)
Jun 6, 2010
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I just racked my riesling and then added wine conditioner and stirred. Should I have added it before racking and stirred up all of the sediment in the bottom???
I do it the way you did. I have no interest in stirring up sediment unless doing Battonage on a Chardonnay (which since I don't like chardonnay, I will probably never do).

The only reasons to do what you are asking is (1) to do what cpfan has stated which you really dont want to do with a Riesling as it will give it a biuttery taste and (2) for using certain fining agnets that require the lees to be stirred in as otherwise the fining agent wont work well. If you have done that and were suppoosed to stir in the fining agents then just let time clear it instead or use SuperKleer as you dont need the extra lees to use this product.
It might be a good idea to also add sorbate and sulfite at the time of adding wine conditioner. I've heard several stories of renewed fermentation in the bottle by people using that stuff. I don't use conditioner, I just add sorabate and sulfite and sweeten with sugar.
The conditioner says that it has sorbate in it, do you think that is enough?
The conditioner says that it has sorbate in it, do you think that is enough?
Not enough unless you used quite a bit of wine conditioner. Were there any dosage instructions with the wine conditioner?

There is only enough in their to keep the conditioner itself from fermenting.
I only used about 1.5 oz, I didn't want it to get too sweet. Could I crush a campden tablet and add that?

The wine has already been degassed and racked.
Do you have any potassium sorbate on hand? That is what you'll need to keep it from starting fermenation over again.
negative on the potasium sorbate, I will try to pick some up today, really stupid question? Does it come in powder, pill or liquid? and which one do you all prefer
I buy potassium sorbate in powder form. I think the dose is 1/2 tsp per gallon if I remember right. You also normally add Kmeta at the same time that you add sorbate; sorbate needs Kmeta to be effective. Keep in mind that sorbate doesn't kill or stop yeast from fermenting. It only stops the yeast from reproducing. So if you have a batch with lots of active yeast in it, you'll have to wait until they finish their lifespan before you see fermentation cease.
The k-meta will help kill the active yeast, as well as keeping things sterile and preventing oxygenation while degassing and clearing.

I've always heard to add k-meta at every racking to keep it contamination and oxygen free.
So, when I add the potassium sorbate and potassium metabisulfite, should I restirr everything? There is again some sludge at the bottom of the carboy...
Thanks guys...one last question. After adding the kmeta and pot. sorbate, how long do I need to let it sit prior to bottling???:?:?:?
If youve already sweetened it before adding this sorbate then Id be really cautious on bottling this as its very possible for it to start fermenting at any time. If you rack over and stabilize yoyur wine and then sweeten then I would take an sg reading when you sweeten and then in another week and if its the same then your good to bottle.