Oak chips for my Milk Wine

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The Atomic Wine Maker
Apr 5, 2010
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Seattle, WA (US)
Ok, so i managed to get my hands on some Oak Chips from my local winery. They came inside of one of those sealed plastic bags and all it says on the label is the company it came from and Oak chips.

My big issue here is that i have never oaked before. How much would i use? What is the procedure besides plop a handfull in?
Well, sense no one offerd any advice i madeanexcucative decision. I created my own procedure and threw a handfull into one of my gallon sized secondaries and will taste it next week
I'm guessing it takes longer than a week to notice the difference after adding oak.
Plop them in a mesh bag, pull them out when it tastes the way you like it. If you know anything about the oak chips, where they were from (French oak, American oak, etc) or how much they were roasted; someone might know what flavors they may impart or how long to oak.
The bag didnt have a description on them, but i plopped one in my mouth and sucked on it. Taste kinda smokie ish with a hint of vanilla kinda. I went ahead and put a liberal ammount in each aging container and i will check on them again in about a month