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cider junky
Jan 1, 2009
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new guy from the snowy north! been making wine and cider for 20+ years. dont do grape wine, i really like the country wines. almost all apple cider based. i'm always putting some thing in there with the cider, elderberrys, blackberrys,etc. i live out in the sticks so its easy to pick LOTS of wild berrys up here:D been on "home brew talk" but their focused on beer(NOT that theres anything wrong with that, i just like wine mo' betta;). so here i am!
Welcome aboard! Ciders are tasty, and I'm looking forward to making an apple wine sometime in the near future. :)
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Welcome !!

Same for me, I am only into fruit wines made from juice or fresh fruit (no kits).

This year I had an opportunity to pick an unlimited amount of
apples. So I stopped at 100 kilo.
I have 7 batches aging and clearing at the moment.

1 pulp fermented batch, the rest juice fermented and to almost all I added someting: apple-honey, apple-peach, apple-strawberry, apple blackberry, apple elderberry and pure apple.
Just for testing purposes :p

Welcome shoes, I too love country wines but also dabble in the kits too, Ilke mead and sparkling wine also.I even do some all grain beer occasionally.
thanks for the welcome gentlemen. looking forword to talking wine with you all.:D
I hve made apple wine before with store bought juice and it came out pretty good, actually I have a batch going right now. I always wanted to make it with fresh apples. Can you get the juice from the apples without a press, and is there any suggestions on what variety to use.
Welcome Shoes. I am in the styx of central Pa. I make wine from anything I can get my hands on, manly fruits and berries and some grape preferably for free. Sounds like you should fit right in.
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Typically a variation is better then 1 particlar apple, I have made wine from Dolgo crab apples that is awesome as its a bit more tart. Gala apples work well as they typically have a little more acid in them and are sweeter so require less sugar. I would chop them up leaving out the seeds putting them in a tub of cool water with some ascorbic acid dissolved in this water to avoid browning. when all is cut up then using collander starin all water and freeze for 1 week. When ready to make wine mix up all ingredients with the exception of yeast and pectic enzyme with some warm water, add all apples (may require 2 small buckets or 1 big bucket) and pour 1 gallon boiling water with ascorbic acid dissolved in ther to again prevent browning.
1/2 teaspoon in the water before freezing and 1 tsp per 6 gallon batch when making.
Thanks Wade. I have some apples in the fridge I think I will start that tomorrow.
They wont break down as nearly as well as most other friuits do when making wine but it gets the job done. just do a good job smashing as much juice as you can before and after fermentation.
Wade, how do I post a photo on my post. Wanted to show ya'll my perfect freezing temp for fruit.?
if the photo is already uploaded on the web, simply use the img tags

start with brackets [ ] and type "img" in them. then paste the url for your image then another set of brackets with a backslash [/ ]

lets see if this works....

[ img][/img ]

that code. is this picture: (from the top of the forum)

hope this helps

if your image isn't uploaded yet you'll have to get a free picture hosting website...or if you have myspace. you could upload it there and simply link to that
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Welcome Shoes. I am in the styx of central Pa. I make wine from anything I can get my hands on, manly fruits and berries and some grape preferably for free. Sounds like you should fit right in.
TB1, i used to live near Reading, nice place.

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