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New Vinoseal glass closures and bottles

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Feb 3, 2010
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I'm looking into the possibility of splitting up an order new bottles with Vinoseal glass closures. The antique green claret style bottles are $9.39 per case of 12, or $ .783 each, and the closures are $.41 each and come in boxes of 480. The minimum order is one pallet of 112 cases. Overall with shipping I'm estimating the price per bottle with a closure will be $1.85, though I think it would be fair for me or whoever undertakes the job of splitting up the order and shipping it out to people to charge about $2 per bottle and closure plus shipping to cover time and materials for repacking and shipping everything. There would also be 96 extra closures which could be split up among the orders.

I only want 5 or 6 cases myself, so I'm wondering if there are enough other people interested in splitting an order to get together an order for a pallet. Also I don't have a forklift, so it might be better if someone who did could handle splitting the order up.

Sorry, I get all my bpottles for free but that does sound like a decent price plus I onlu use corks!
Closure's are different. I pay two dollars a case for my bottles and .18 for my corks. Sorry but this would really increase the cost per bottle for my wine.
I guess I see why these glass stoppers only show up on more expensive bottles of wine. Where do you get bottles for $2 a case Running Wolf?
I go to the local wineries that give free tastings. Most of them charge $2.00 a case for used bottles and a few of them even give them to you for free.
i get bottles from local winery tasting rooms for free as well... they just recycle them otherwise.

ive had a few commercial bottles with the glass stoppers and its a conversation starter for sure. elegant and nice presentation. can the stoppers be reused on subsequent batches? im not sure.

if i were doing this, my recommendation would be to talk to the manuf and find out which local wineries use these bottles and get in on their bulk order and pick up the case amount you need there, or see if they will reship. ive found most small wineries to be very accommodating of home winemakers.
I get my bottles for free and corks for .09 ea in 1,000 quanities in a factory sealed bag w/ gas
NRlightfoot, packaging is always an ongoing issue w everyone....you never get all that you need it seems and then also your tastes might change as to the bottle type or packaging you might enjoy seeing....i would suggest that you look into local wineries and see what they may have kicking around that they might sell to you cheap....often times their needs change..storage space for them gets in short supply and cash flow might be of interest to them...you, in turn may get a great deal...also you can check out winebusiness.com and go to the used equipment section..many times you will see bottles so cheap that even w shipping it warrants getting them....anyways...good luck in your search...it never ends for me...and i figure itw ill be the same for you :)

i have been purchasing from Waterloo Container out of NY state...typically the bottle cost is .75 - 2 dollars depending on the type...and yes that is per bottle (ouch)...i cant use pre-used bottles because of the laws...and my corks will cost from about .16 to .43 per cork..usually i am paying about .23-.27 per cork

it all adds up...and then the labels...i use two and they can run .35 to .75 each..a friend recently gave me a 16 dollar bottle of Foch from a local winery they opted for one oversized label to save money, which made sense since the price was only sixteen dollars and after you factor bottle, label, cork and taxes, you have to add in the cost to produce the bottle...so maybethey saved .25 by printing only one label....but thats like getting the cork for free :)
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Thanks for the replies, I'll look into the local winery options. I haven't heard of any of them using Vinoseal, but maybe someone does.

I had been planning to reuse the bottles and stoppers for my home use, I know people put the stoppers back on to store a partial bottle, and some people reuse the containers later for olive or or other things. I don't know for sure that they would work for longer term wine storage when being reused though.

It would also be a shame to go away from corks right now, since I just bought a Portuguese floor corker that I haven't even used yet! I think I read too much about cork taint and got scared. I've never even tasted a corked bottle though.
I talked to someone I know who works for a wine distributor, and he managed to get me 2 empty bottles (originally contained a German Reisling) with the glass stoppers among the 2 cases of empty bottles he brought me after a wine tasting.

I bottled some Amarone I made from a kit in those bottles yesterday, so I'll see how they well they last when being reused.