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Dec 12, 2008
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I've been lurking here for some time, and got a "you haven't been around much" email from the forum administrator (automated, I'm sure -- cool feature -- it got me here!). Anyway, thought I'd post a quick intro.

I'm on my third year of making wine, mostly reds. Hoping to start with fruit in 2009 -- to this point it has been juice from CA. I've been pretty dissatisfied with the relatively light body and flavors that come from "heat extraction" techniques used for the juice I have access to. With some tinkering it has made decent wine, but I know I can do better...

I appreciate the resources available here -- lots of good experience in the forum participants! I'll continue to glean and learn from you. Thanks for the generous ways you share information and your experience.

First welcome !!!!

Tell us how you do the juice extractions
maybe we can learn from that or look at it from
our point of view and have some suggestions.

Either way welcome.

If you want a full body wine I would suggest mullberries. I have made several batches just using the reciepe for elderberries from the Winemaker's reciepe book. I live in michigan so we get them around june.

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