New Glass Carboys with a crack?

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Oct 7, 2016
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Ive recently noticed 3 of my carboys have cracks in the bottom. I went on Amazon to return them because 2 are new and the seller's initial response was "this is normal and if we send out replacements, they will probably have the same cracks". Can anyone describe a normal crack from the manufacturing process vs. one that should be a concern? None of the cracks are straight lines which makes me concerned they are not normal?
I think it would help a lot if you could post a couple pics.

Pam in cinti
I refused to accept some Chinese carboys that had what looked to me to be cracks in the bottom from the local supplier. Same thing from the lady there, "we sell a lot of these"... not to me. Italian ones do not look like that. I have no desire to have 6 gallons of wine on the floor, much less the loss of 6 gallons.

I should note, the 3 gallon did not look like that.

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