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Aug 20, 2019
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North Georgia
This is our second grape harvest on a smaller personal vineyard.

We harvested 230lbs of Traminette on Sunday 8/18 which resulted in three 5-gallon carboys of pressed juice. We used Go Ferm for all, then QA23 yeast on 2 carboys, and K1-V1116 on 1 carboy.

1) The QA23 started fermenting within hours but we filled the carboys too high and the yeast bubbles were in the airlock by the next morning with carboys getting ready to overflow. So we racked about 3/4 gallon from each into smaller containers - which are now fermenting, but the 5 gallon "parent" carboys are not, and the residue has collected on the shoulders of the carboy.
QUESTION - Should we mix the smaller containers back into the 5 gallon carboys in the hope of restarting fermentation, or should we add something else?

2) In the carboy containing the K1-V1116 yeast, we forgot to wait until there was a 5 degree temperature difference between the yeast mixture and the juice (it was about 10 degrees, and we were dog-tired at 2:45am after an 18 hour day). I suspect temperature differences caused the problem.
QUESTION - Fermentation has not started on this carboy. What do you recommend as a fix?

Would appreciate any advice for us as relative newbies! We are concerned about the clock ticking on fermentation.....



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Jan 1, 2007
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I would take only a cup from the smaller containers to add back to the QA23 carboys. yeast will multiply quickly.
stir add yeast nutrient if not yet done so. for the K1 carboy also stir and add yeast nutrient. still young in time frame should start after 48 hours. temp difference not significant just slows down fermentation start.