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    Need help with stuck fermentation

    This is our second grape harvest on a smaller personal vineyard. We harvested 230lbs of Traminette on Sunday 8/18 which resulted in three 5-gallon carboys of pressed juice. We used Go Ferm for all, then QA23 yeast on 2 carboys, and K1-V1116 on 1 carboy. 1) The QA23 started fermenting...
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    First time; two batches, one fermenting, the other not

    Hi! This is my first time trying wine making so I'm not quite sure if I'm doing things right at all or not so I apologize for the lengthy post. I have white grapes that grow at our place and we picked a large amount, destemmed and crushed them, and then rented a press from a local shop. The only...