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  1. J

    starting a bottle fermentation

    Hello, we are new to winemaking, we made a batch of mixed 50/50 Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The wine is clear and we would like to try to make a sparkling wine from it. BUT we miscalculated when adding sugar at the start, so the alcohol content is already 13 vol%! Now i did some research...
  2. vinceit

    How can I save wine with final SG too high?

    I started a batch of fig wine and accidentally added more sugar than the recipe (https://eckraus.com/content/figwine.pdf) called for. See my log below. After 1.5 months of “fermentation”, the solution is clear, the airlock makes an occasional bubble once in a few hours, but the SG is 1.030...
  3. K

    Need help with stuck fermentation

    This is our second grape harvest on a smaller personal vineyard. We harvested 230lbs of Traminette on Sunday 8/18 which resulted in three 5-gallon carboys of pressed juice. We used Go Ferm for all, then QA23 yeast on 2 carboys, and K1-V1116 on 1 carboy. 1) The QA23 started fermenting...
  4. R

    First racking - then stuck >:/

    So I'm one of those noobs in need of guidance. Thank you Wine Making Talk. I'm currently making my first wine. Actually, my first three wines (I decided to just go all in): An apple/rowan berry white/rose I started late September on Mangrove Jack’s MA33 yeast. Estimated 11 % abv. A red...