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Nov 2, 2016
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Yesterday I started my Cherry Melomel, putting all the juice & frozen fruit in a bucket along with the pectic enzyme, nutrient, etc in anticipation of pitching the yeast tonight.

However, I now have a family emergency and have to head out of town for several days. I'm thinking since I haven't pitched any yeast yet, I can just cap it and put it in the fridge until I get back next week. I did add a Campden tablet yesterday. (It's a one gallon batch.) Since this is a high SG mixture (IG 1.144) I'm a little afraid to leave it alone to ferment without aeration, etc. (Although now that I look at it I meant to do a scheduled nutrient addition but totally forgot and added it all in already! Oops.)

Anyone see any problems with just capping it as-is and pitching the yeast after I get back? (Of course letting the mixture warm back up before pitching.)
Keep it as cold as possible and it's a cold soak maceration right with better extraction?

If it were to start on it's own wild yeasties they would still very likely be slowed down too.

If you did not have the fruit, I would say pitch the yeast, and worry about it when you get back.

Putting it in the fridge until you get back is your next best option.
No pits in the fruit? IF you have pits, I'd try to remove them before leaving. Cherry pits are often bitter and can impart a bitter flavor to your wine.
No pits in the sweet cherries. (Only 12 oz cherries to top off my gallon of cherry juice/honey) I could probably get away with pitching and leaving, but I'd feel better waiting to get started once I get back.

So it's not sitting in the fridge. Thanks all for the help!

Watching parents get old is no fun. Heading down to Virginia Beach to stay with my mom while my dad is in the hospital. One fall can really set you back . . .
First I hope things work out favorably with your dad.
Second I have no experiance here but am inerested in how it works out, you certainly arent the first one this has happened to..
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Hoping your Dad gets better soon. Been doing the same thing. My car knows the way from St. Louis to Cape Girardeau.

Mom had a stroke Feb. 2nd, Dad had a bowel obstruction the next weekend, celebrated their 68 wedding anniversary with him in the hospital, her at the rehab center. Now they are both together at rehab and they were talking about them going home, then she fell and broke her upper arm, near the shoulder. Oh vey, but it beats the alternative. I might make it to 90 one day.

Oh and wife's mom is 92 with pneumonia in a different city.
You should be quite safe keeping it in the frig til you get back and hoping the best for your dad.

@cmason1957 wishing the best for you as well!
I might be a little late, but you can always pitch the yeast AND refrigerate it. That way there might be some protection against wild organisms (although probably not much), and then the yeast will immediately dominate when it warms back up. Just a thought. Good luck with everything.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your dad. Similar issues here w/ my folks - tho neither is in the hospital right now. I can't get them to move closer - but I can't blame them for wanting to stay independent, either.
And good luck w/ the wine, too. Let us know how it goes.

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