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Dutch Winemaker
Nov 5, 2006
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Today when riding my bike from work to home I saw blackberries
which were ripe. I thought I saw it wrong but no. They were ripe indeed
at least some of them. And as thick as my finger !!!

So I decided to start harvesting this weekend when a phonecall
crossed my plans.

A friendly farmer (very friendly indeed) called me that the prunes
were ready for harvesting.
His cherries had already been 3 weeks early and now the prunes also.

Last year I had gotten 200 kilo's from him and he asked if I wanted
them again this year. But last year harvest was in august and this year
it is indeed 3 weeks early.

Nevertheless we naturally agreed to visit him saturday to
get the prunes.

So next week will be a very busy week with my kitchen a complete mess
and no time to deal with e-mails and forums etc.

For those who have read my web-log ( ), my gout attack is more or less under control as from today so I can walk again although with pain. So I hope it will be totally over on saturday otherwise harvesting will be a painfull adventure.

The point I am trying to make is that every fruit over here is way to early ripe and that will be crossing some plans for sure.

How is this on the other side of the big swimming pool ???

Our blackberries here in VT have already ripened and I've enjoyed them. We only have a few strands... not enough to make wine, but enough to enjoy while visiting our garden!

Our blue berries have not ripened, but from what I hear, they should be ready in August... mine are already turning blue...

Thanks global warming!
About normal, muscadines which normally ripen at the end of July have started turning color (in fact I ate one today) so maybe just a little early.
Ok guys it is done !!!!!

Look at my weblog on how 200 kilo's of prunes were processed into
120 liters of must which is happily fermenting away...........

There are now prunes processed in any way you can think off:
Prune wine, prune juice, prune jam, prune icecream and
prune pie..........

I think I will not be able to say the word prune again for at least
a year ....... (next harvest).

If you look at the photo of my living-room you know my girlfriend really is the best :)
Not only does she not complain, but she even helps me and likes it !!!!


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