My kit has arrived.

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Feb 10, 2009
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My equipment kit, wine kit, all of the extra chemicals, extra air locks and assorted drilled and non drilled bungs have arrived. I am going to start the wine kit tonight and probably a 4 liter bottle of mead as well.
Mike, just remember, after its all mixed up, and you pitch the yeast, it's pefectly understandable to check on it every 30 miuntues. But staring at your carboys all nught long without sleep will not only make the wine angry, it could make you crossed eyed as well!:D
Have fun brother, tommorrow you will be an official member.
Also, my wife tells me that yelling "ferment faster!" at the must/wine doesn't really help as much as I think it does. I think the motivation helps it, but your mileage may vary. LOL
I never use a non-drilled bung, barometric pressure changes can cause the wine to expand and pop out the bung leaving your wine susceptible to creepy crawleys and 02. If you do use these you better duct tape them down or you can freeze them and drill them out.

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