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Diabolical GENIUS!!!
Nov 16, 2008
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My friend and I were thinking of making a Cinnamon Mead, and seeing as how I am bored out of my mind I made a label for it...tell me what you think. :D

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Cool! I do that quite often, I think of a wine and make the label before I even start the wine! :)
My wife and my little girl at my mother in law house for a week. and I am bored out of my mind. so I made this. and I am going to make another one...right...................................NOW. back in a bit lol.:D
Oh Here is another Mead. Its based on the same Idea of Vikings, so that is why the style is kinda the same, but it for a blueberry Mead, hence blue.


Guide To Valhalla
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I like it con, but you most certainley gotta do something with a bathtub, you got to!!
Yup! Blue and black is my favorite combination. Another job well done!
Very striking labels. My only suggestion would be to enlarge the text a bit; they seem a bit diminutive...or maybe alter their color or shadow color to bring them out.

I bet they'll look fantastic on the bottle.
Great label. Make something and use it!

we will be soon. we just got another 5gal carboy and we heard about a local place that sells fresh, uncooked, no preservative honey. like it still has part of the honeycomb and even bees in it. so we are going to check that out.

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