my first bomb

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A Wino and proud of it
Sep 8, 2009
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i recently made a 1 gallon batch of apple cider it was thtough fermenting and abv was about 7% added sorbate and campden tab back sweeten with frozen apple concentrater and put screw on top on it about 4 maybe 5 days later it exploded. now im a firm beleiver of keeping things under airlock device .
OUT, this is another reason not to store your wine under the bed!!!!! LOL

Merry Chritmas at ya Bro!
did you add this stuff when it was done fermenting or while it was still fermenting? It will not stop a fermentation in progress!
my only explosion was a case of stout that I bottled during a stuck fermentation, some 10 years ago almost.
it too was stored in my bedroom closet. thankfully I was in the room when it happened and got the case into the bathtub quickly.
iwas in the house as well and heard it and was able to clean it up quickly, thankful it was apple and not a red and my wife was out of town.