My blackberry got a positive review..

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Jun 22, 2009
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We went to an Aunt's birthday party yesterday. Her health has been going down hill lately and I think the family wanted to cheer her up.
Her husband is the Uncle that got me interested in wine making.
I took him a bottle of my blackberry to try. Before the day was over he was drinking it watching football.
He said it was just like he liked his wine, not too sweet, but not dry either.
He admitted to me that he liked wine enough, that he could have easily been a hardcore wino in another life.
At 85 I think his wine making days are about over because we can see dementia setting in.
85 is a good innings and he can still appreciate a glass of tipple..

sounds like it was a good day for you both,

Thats awesome, I had that same feeling 3 years ago when my grandmother came up here for her last Christmas. She was an avid wine drinker and loved quite a few of my wines and was very blunt to tell anyone when she disapproved about something. There was 1 wine she didnt like and the feeling was mutual around the table including me.