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Sep 29, 2008
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I just bottled 2 gal of blackberry wine and got a taste. it seems to be very sweet (but good) does not taste like wine but more like juice. Can I add yeast again to a 3rd gallon in attempt to get a drier wine? I started the batch in early september, have racked 3 times and it is very clear and no longer seems to be fermenting. Any other suggestions?
In order to try and help a little, more info is needed.Do you know what the starting and ending sg. are?
havent yet tested any of my wine for specific gravity. I think i will have to get a hydrometer? Is there any other way to measure the alcohol content?
First lesson is to take notes.
It will help (when you do not have a hydrometer) when we know
what the initial volume was and how much sugar you added.
You can calculate the estimated starting SG from that.

Next is indeed to get yourself a hydrometer, it does not cost
a lot and give basic information needed to make a good wine.

And indeed with a hydrometer and knowing starting and ending SG you can calculate the amount alcohol.


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