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Madriver Wines

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Apr 6, 2009
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I think the wife is finally coming around to my hobby! I got a package today and didn't have a clue from who. Turns out she bought me a stainless steel mix stir:r after watching me stir forever on the mixed berry batch trying to degass it. So now I have to clean and sterilize it and will try it for the first time in a few weeks on the 3 gallon batch of strawberry.
Christmas in August!!:h:h
Any tips for use?
Make a strong solution of k-meta and put in a spray bottle. When you need to use the degasser, spray the wand.
Always start on LOW and stir the wine. Do not beat it. If you do you may get a volcano!
Give you better half a BIG HUG. That was so cool of her to do that for YOU. :b
Like Tom said, be very careful for the first couple of bursts as this is when the volcano erupts and beong as though youve never used 1 before its almost inevitable so do the degassing with a tub under it so if it happens you will have a easy cleanup. If your using an electric drill be very careful as some drlls have too much torque and may twist this tool creating a weak point where it can snap. I only use a cordless drill on high speed and use quick bursts forward and backwards as you really want to create a disturbance in the wine and not a vortex.
I on the other hand use mine on the slower speed of my cordless drill. I have Torque and Speed setting. Basically on is to drive screws the other to drill holes. If I hit it at drill speed, I have a mess. I give it a shot one way, reverse the drill and give it a shot the other way. Back and forth. WHen I used to just run it one way I never seemed to get the wine degassed. I could stir for 15 minutes with the Mix Stir and still have CO2.

As far as cleaning it goes. If you are worried about cleaning it for first time use a real easy way is to make up some Oxy CLean and let it soak a while in it. THen before use use the Spray Solution of K-Meta like others mention and just spray it down. It is a real easy piece of equipment to keep clean. I agree to, give Mama a big kiss. Maybe take her out and wine her and dine her.

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