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Oct 26, 2008
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I put a post in here last week about our cold. It's hard on vehicles and evrything else. Yesterday morning My friend Mike Green burned up in his cabin, wood stove error we're pretty sure .I had been wanting to show you his watermelon wine recipe, just for your critique, it's crazy. but I will show it to you in a day or two, it was kinda like a "redneck wine" pointed out by one of our members< I think it was the fella in MS. My friend died trying to stay warm. So in his memory, someone please send me a watermelon rind recipe.
Gonna keep his memory alive, he was envious of me being with you al here, and I promised him I would ask all of you for your critique. he said my wine would never be as good as his. He didn't understand I have friends who make wine, not friends who wine because they can't make it!!!! So in memory of Mike Green, let's look at tommorrow. I can only count my friends on my two hands... tonight I lost another finger, but his watermelon wine will live. Thamks For all your alls help, we will make some watermelon redneck wine.
Please advise...:(:(:(:(
sorry for your loss, we had a whole family die in a fire due to wood stove in this area. terrible thing. i do not have the recipe your looking for, try Jack Keller's site, he has them all.
I am so sorry for your loss. I am that way to, I have a small circle of people that I can call friends. It's odd how things and events, whether by choice or happenstance, seem to happen to a theme. Yesterday I was thinking and planing how I was going to go about making a watermelon-Lemon wine in a couple days. I do not have a recipe, but I offer this. I am not sure if it is appropriate given that I didn't know him, but I always feel it is good to help someone through a hard time. it is a label. I hope you like it.


"never let memories fade"
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I'm truely sorry for your lose Troy.Good friends are hard to come by.
Thanks all. I love the label Con, thanks for your thoughts. I very well may use it. Now all I need is the recipe.
Very sad, I tried looking but see no recipes using the rind, just palin old watermaelon.
Meant wine not rind Wade, but he also put rind in his, seemed kind of odd like the banana recipies I've been loking at, many say use the skins too, seems odd. Thanks for your condolences, gonna be a long rest of the winter. I was getting him excited about making his wine "right", quess I'll have to do it for him, and happily so.
If you have a watermelon wine recipe, would you send it my way?
This is a very tough wine to make as even a pro like Jack Keller states that 3 out of 5 go bad. The best thing to do is get a really good stater yeast going before you make up the must as watermelon juice goes bad. Dont bother juicing it, just have everything ready with the warm water and sulfites already in the bucket then cut up your fruit and get it in there. Add your pectic enzyme at 12 hours and yeast starer at another 12 housr and hope all goes well. Below is a link to Watermelon wine recipes and many others. I suggest you bookmark this site!
Thanks for the info Wade, your guidance is always appreciated. May not even do it till summer, as you can imagine, w melon aint cheap around here this time of year.
Gonna start the research now.

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