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Oct 26, 2008
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Who did yall tell me that makes a Raspberry Merlot kit? I asked before and couldn't find the original post.
Mosti Mondiale makes a Summer Breeze Raspberry Merlot, Winexpert makes an Isand Mist Black Raspberry Merlot. There are tons of these kind of kits on the site below. RJS makes them also on this site and they are called the Orchard Breezin. All these kits are low abv wines but some people like me add about 4 lbs of sugar to up the abv on them and they come out very nice this way.
I add all at the beginning. These kits come with Lalvin EC-1118 or Red Star Premier Cuvee which are both yeast strains that can handle a much higher sg with no problems at all. Even with the 4 added lbs of sugar it still is typically only 1.085 or there abouts, its much lower without the sugar and wont last long as far as shelvig goes with that abv. Some of these Mist kit wines can be pretty sweet so sometimes its actually a good idea to add about 1/2 the finishing pack that comes with these in the beginning instaed of at the end to get all the flavor and make the wine less sweet(doing either of these methods will void the warranty though). I and others have done these kits so if you are thinking of making 1 of these kits and adjusting it ask someone about the kit as some are really sweet while some are well balanced.
I want it to turn out kind of sweet with a decent ABV content, I owe a couple favors and the neighbor has been buying a commercial Raspberry Merlot made by E&J Gallo, Wild Vines, and I am mistaken it is a BLACKBERRY Merlot, and it is actually pretty good. (as LUC would say, " can you really drink those commercial wines?"). I would be willing to invest and try a kit for the first time if I could find the right one. I just looked at the empty, and it says contains 0% juice. I would hope a kit would indeed contain juice. Any thoughts?
have cruised through NZ sites this morning and it seems nobody imports the mosti mondiale brand at all..

back to the drawing board...

Have found a different home brew shop that stocks kits, it's a 40 min drive.. I will go have a look tomorrow..I'm in no rush, all my carboys are in use at the moment.. it's almost my birthday ;)


The Orchard Breezin Blackberry Merlot is very similar to the Wild Vines Blackberry Merlot. You don't need to add sugar or mess with the F-pack, just follow the instructions.

BTW, this wine makes a great wine jelly.

Here is Herons Bay versions


RJ Spagnols


and im sure there are others! Cpfan is right, you dont have to play with this kit if you dont want, i was just informing you that these type kits produce about 7%abv out of the kit which is a very nise summer sippen wine like a wine cooler, I and others though do like a 10%abv a little better and it doesnt change the flavor profile much at all if any.
My Island Mist Green Apple Riesling was a huge hit over the weekend.. Good thing I only brought 3 bottles!! Everyone loved it and it went great with the turkey we had. I added ~ 3 lbs sugar to the primary, and the full F-Pack at the clearing stage.. ABV turned out at a nice 12.5%. Very drinkable since day 1.. Working on 2 more "mist" kits now and added 1/2 f-pack and sugar to primary on those.. They are both red kits so I wanted them a little less sweet.
Thanks for that whinemaker..

Am considering doing a kit over winter when my orchard is asleep. Never done one before, windowshopping so to speak!

Three of the five wine drinkers in my family don't like dry wines. In the past, one bottle is usually enough for us. We did a Niagara Mist Sangria White Zinfandel this spring. Made as per instructions, ie 6-7% alcohol, and sweet. Might have to make another kit to make it through the summer. One bottle of the sangria gone between those three at each of the two Easter meals, plus whatever my wife and I drank.


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