Look what I bought yesterday

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Nov 23, 2009
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The guy isn't making wine anymore so he sold me his supplies .


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please add photo again w/ no signature. I am not sure if any was spam. so we must B careful
Sorry about that , first time posting pics so needed find out how your system worked .For some reason i couldn't preview the post to see if it was right .
I've the day giving everything a good cleaning and it looks like new now :try
You will love that floor corker. What have you made and whats fermenting? :dg
The floor corker sealed the deal for me because we borrowed the one the wine store rents and loved it .Oh did i mention we picked all this up for $250.00 .
So far we put on a Selections Original series - Liebfraumilch which will be ready in couple of weeks if not before ,put a Holiday Cranapple chardonnay that done ( i'm sipping on right now ) .We also tried the Alcohol base we made some liqueurs ,rum and vodka with that and we still have soem to mix up.Now i have a French Sauvignon blanc fermenting that I just put in the carboy Monday but it's suppose to be ready by Christmas .
L@@KS loik you are on your way to ....OBSESSION !
Looks awesome, can you list whats there as its hard to tell whats hiding in the bucket.
Looks like a good deal. The floor corkers
(depending on wich one) goes for aroun $65 to $125 alone and Theres three glass carboys each are around $20 to $30+ each plus the handels which go for $5 to $9 each. I see a bottle tree and that's $25 to $45 dependincg how many it holds. I see a spoon thats $3.99.
not bad. I see the ends of a bunch of stuff in those primaries (Which go for $13+ each depending on if they are drilled and spigoted)
looks like a decent haul.
Very nice haul! I have a floor corker like yours and it's great. I also have the bottle tree and just used it for the first time tonight. It's the cat's meow! Tomorrow, I will bottle two batches, a strawberry zinfadel blush and a sauvignon blanc!
Oh yeah both thoses things worth the money big time at regular price so to get them for a good deal was awesome .Which sauvignon blanc did you do a kit or from scratch I have a Vintners Reserve world vineyard kit we are bottling this week , just a quick 4 week kit for over Christmas .
Ok I forgot to post what was there
7 carboys
6 handles on the carboys
4 buckets with lids
3 hydrameters (not really sure why he had 3 lol )
2 thermometers
6 wooden boxes that hold 15 bottles each .
over 90 bottles
bottle sanitizer
tree for drying bottles
wine rack for 100 bottles
carboy rinser
$26.00 worth of synthetic corks
metal degasser for drill
wine thief
bottle filler
2 stirring spoons
2 clips you put on side carboy for syphoning hose
numerous shrink caps for bottles
7 airlocks
even 3 packages of labels that happen to be ones we were going to try .
But be a couple more small things but that's all I can think of right now .
Way to go...thats a great lot of stuff for the price :) yes Virginia there is a Santa!!!