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Dec 17, 2008
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just made some muscadine wine but it doenst really have a alcohol taste like i ve tried before,wat could i have done wrong any help would be thankful.
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Our moderator "Sacalait" may be able to help.

He grows and creates his own muscat wines.

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Yes he can but she will ask you for the recipe as to what you did. What was the starting gravity
When did you start
Whats the gravity now
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Do you really want it to taste like alc as a good wine should reveal its fruityness and aroma and not taste like alc. Sounds to me like you did a good job! What was your starting sg and what did it finish at. did you sweeten after fermentation was done as that will also help hide a higher abv.
I agree with Wade.
We are making wine, no liquor. So you should not be able to taste the alcohol.

Measure the Sg and give us the starting SG. You can derive alcohol content from this.

All of the advice given was on the mark but if you have additional questions concerning muscadines I'll try to help out.
Can you describe the taste? Does it taste like a wine or just juice? Can you give us a run down on what your process was with numbers if available? That will help us give you some feed back.

Also, welcome aboard. Glad to have you here.