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Oct 28, 2009
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Well It been fun all

But will be leaving for New York on the 18th Nov.
be there until feb .
Best to All.
Good luck Joseph,

we'll still be here when you get back.

all the best

Well I suppose if you can't afford a computer or have no access to one..

you just don't have it.

Most firms block access to non work sites .. and also monitor employees usage in work time.

I held firm for about 4 years with no cellphone, til I needed to know where my teenagers were, at a moments notice..not everyone can afford it.

Though I see many phones now have internet, cameras and iphones built in..

my phone only texts and phones people.. costs me $10 a month on the most basic prepay plan..and that's all I need or intend to pay for.

I here ya abou cost. Im 1 step above dial up which is amaxzingly better and actually costs the same if you figured in a seperate phone line otherwise I would never be here due to the women in this house! I do have a cell phone with no texting and no internet and would get rid of the home phone if my cell phone worked well on my road. Its like the only road around wher it barely works but almost every other service provider doesnt even work in my town! We will miss ya Joseph, hope ya come back.
I was just kidding.

There are plenty of ways to be away from the internet for extended periods of time.
Yeah Web access is still cost prohibitive to a lot of people. I pay an arm and a leg for cell service. I have the iPhone with unlimited text data etc. We have cable internet here too. Won't have it when we move though, costs too much.
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