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Do not use.
They been around for a while and will not do much for wine.
Make a f-pac
Thanks Tom, used it in beer before and wasn't too satisfied. Although the beer itself wasn't very good too begin, the Chocolate-Raspberry Wheat Beer tasted like cheap artificial flavoring.
I make beer as well and use REAL fruit for my Rasp/Wheat
And REAL fruit for wines.
They are not good for wine. I used one for wine many many years ago and after 8 months dumped the wine. I have used it in beer and it is better only because you are looking for just a hint so a tiny amount works but when using it for wine you are typically needing much more and thats where the trouble starts.
I may have to change things a bit on my peach recipe if this stuff is not any good. My friend made a peach wine and I thought it was really good. I got the recipe from him and am planning on starting some here in a couple of weeks when peaches come out. Towards the end of the recipe it says to add a 4 oz. bottle of the peach flavoring from this brand after clearing. I'll have to learn a little more about f-packs.