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Aug 8, 2012
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Northern Arizona
Brief explanation, my dad died about 4 years ago and last year my mom put their home in the mountains up for sale and started looking for a house near my wife and me. July 2016 she found and bought a house in my neighborhood, the exact same model as ours, and while it looked move in ready she wanted to update the place. Having the experience of completely remodeling my house meant her remodel fell on my shoulders. We pretty much gutted and rebuilt the place and it came out great. I didn’t do as much of the work myself this time and finished the house in 3 months.

She asked if I’d design the back yard for her since it was basically a dirt field and after a couple of weeks of design I handed the drawings to a landscaper and in 14 days had a fully functioning yard that I know we’ll spend many weekend nights staring into the fire pit while drinking wine and recovering from too much wonderful food.

Luckily It’s not an “I love Raymond- mother across the street” kind of situation since she’s two streets, 7 houses, 440 steps, 3.5 minutes or .15 miles away (not that I’ve counted). Truthfully it makes both my wife and me feel better knowing we can be there in minutes if she needs help.

Before pic and a couple of afters, we’ve since added new patio tables, chairs a really nice BBQ and I’m building a housing for a sink and refrigerator. The group picture is her and the crew having a couple of beers the night they finished the project.




Looks really nice (and low moisture requirement, as you did w/ your yard). And obviously, your mother is a great person - having beers w/ the crew. Well done, Mom.
Great job helping her out like that. It will be nice having her close but not across the street. Close enough to get the food to share (and company) but not so close she can tell what time you got in or got up.
Clearly you are a great son for helping her out like that. Having a great place like and it being so close to you will no doubt make it easier having to now live alone.

One step closer to heaven for you my friend!

Now come to NJ and do the same for me! :)
Very nice!

I wish my wife would go for that look. She loves flowers, and it does look nice, but I'm tired of all the expense and maintenance involved. Give me some gravel, rocks and a few shrubs around the house and I'd be happy.
Wow, I want to reduce my grass by that much - but here, weeds would just grow in the gravel unless I sprayed Roundup every day... LOOKS GREAT!

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