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Feb 15, 2007
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Hello all,
Got a question about shelf life of the box kits. I bought a WineExpert Selection
Estate Series, Stag's Leap Merlot early last year. It has a code on the top of the box that is 0731207 which translates, I guess, to July 31st, 2007.
For reasons to numerous to mention ( as in trying to finish a house), it has sat in a mechanical room at a reasonable temperature for coming up on
a year and a half. I was planning on starting the kit this fall, but was curious if I should even bother given the shelf time.
Anybody out there with any knowledge or experience with using these kits after a lengthy shelf life?
Thanks for any input,
Not to my knowledge. The yeast usually says 1 year but Ive used yeast sachets that were over 2 years old but made a starter to make sure and had a spare to make sure I didnt get into a predicament.
My first wine kit was 12 mnoths past its expiry (I was given it by someone who didnt want to make wine!) so I made it using a new sachet of yeast and it was fine, the F pack was more syrupy than I thought it probably should have been but I looked at it as well what have I got to loose other than a sachet of yeast!). To be honest I think it tasted nicer than the lot made by someone else of the same type of wine kit.
I believe the warranty is good for one year after manufacture but I have made kits expired over a year with absolutely no ill effects. It should be fine if it has been stored without any excessive heat or cold. Like mentioned it might need a new yeast pack. See what the date on the packet is and give it a spin. My first award winning wine was made from an expired Cellar Craft kit.
Thanks guys, good advise all around. I got an email back from Wine Expert and
they seem to confirm that the yeast is the deal to be concerned about and they
recomend not waiting more than 18 months (from date on box) to use the kit.
Guess I'll fire it up soon.

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